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Manjula Halai
MPharm Masters in Pharmacy
Behavioural change & Communications Director

Manjula is passionate about applying evidence-based insights through effective communications that transform behaviours for patients and clinicians within the healthcare system.

Manjula began her career in clinical pharmacy, improving medicines management and providing clinical support to multidisciplinary hospital teams across many therapy areas. Manjula then moved into publications and developed clinical content and delivered digital solutions for the British National Formulary. From there Manjula combined her writing, strategic thinking and project management skills to deliver a variety of medical education programmes, across many communications channels, and events for the pharmaceutical industry. Manjula also works with charities and academic organisations to bring bespoke behaviour change solutions that are grounded in evidence and effectively communicated through good design.

As Behavioural Change & Communications Director Manjula explores the interactions and relationships between clinicians, patients, the healthcare system, social media and pharmaceutical companies to determine the factors that can trigger behavioural change to bring beneficial outcomes for everyone. Manjula conducts behavioural insights research, performs research analysis and develops content for programmes with an approach that is strategic in thinking and practical for implementation.